American Matthew Knowles reveals how a twist of fate led him to star in ‘Asura’, China’s first $100m film

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No Hollywood actor is secured to take over the place of Matthew Knowles in China, who is an all-American boy, a film star and a mayor there. Recently he was in a mythological fantasy ‘Asura,’ the most expensive Chinese film production to date estimated to cost over 100 million USD, in the role of ‘Rawa,’ a Chinese equivalent of Hercules. In 2018, Knowles has already starred as ‘Jet’ in the action-thriller ‘Bond of Justice’ and in the short film ‘Poppies,’ as Charles Harris.

In an exclusive interview with Meaww, he shares his journey of how a knee injury led him to China and how his dashed dreams led him to accomplish the unfathomed. As of today, he aims to bridge the differences between his home country, the U.S and his second home, China, while completing his Masters in Acting in London.


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