INTERVIEW: How American footballer Matt William became the star of ‘Asura’ – China’s first 100M film

Forming a bridge between the US and China has seemed to be a formidable task. With heavily criticised film projects such as The Great Wall and a looming trade war threatening to erode economic partnerships, the Sino-American relationship has been through its fair share of rocky waters.

However, American actor Matt William, who is building his career in China, sees one gleam of hope in bridging the two nations through their respective film industries. Regarded by some as the “white face of the Chinese film industry,” Knowles says he sees “more and more opportunities for connecting the Western and Chinese film industries.”

“I am more than happy to continue being a part of creating successful international collaborations and partnerships,” the actor tells me over a pint of the black stuff in his local London pub. “The US and China are both “home” to me, and I am excited to continue to be a part of bringing these two influential industries together.”

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